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Elite Jewelry & Loan on Sonoran Living

Elite Jewelry and Loan Will Pay Your Sales Tax

Are you headed out of town this summer? Come by Elite Jewelry and Loan and meet with Justin Cohen to learn how to get cash for vacation fast.

Everyone wants to save money on everything they’re buying no matter what. Come to Elite Jewelry and Loan, we offer the exact same products, just at lower prices. Feel free to compare our prices to other jewelry stores and online diamond websites!

Elite Jewelry and Loan will pay your sales tax on your next purchase, it’s a great deal. In addition to that, they will offer 20% for your gold at the Gold Guy!



Elite Jewelry & Loan Offers First Month Interest-Free

Do you have an unexpected emergency bill? Your car or pool pump need repair? Or maybe you need a new air conditioning unit? Elite Jewelry and Loan can help. We are a wholesale jeweler to the public and upscale lender.

Getting an asset-based loan or collateral loan is easy. We have a simple process. Just come on in, bring your items and we will help you get a short-term loan for 90 days interest-free. We also give you other buy/sell options. Let’s work together and build a plan based on your needs.

For active military, we give interest-free loans.

Check out our fine jewelry deals. Get rose gold, yellow diamonds, and large brand new diamond rings and save thousands of dollars off the retail prices. We also do watch repair.

Elite Jewelry & Loan is Family Owned and Operated

Short on cash and need some money fast? Talk to Larry and Justin at Elite Jewelry and Loan.

If you’re looking for a deal on new jewelry or if you’re looking to get a loan for your valuables stop by or give us a call. Best thing is… there’s no credit check and no hassles. Doesn’t matter if you have bad credit.

Get a loan and just pay the interest and you can keep the loan for as long as you want. The loan you will receive is based on the value of your assets. That’s why it’s called an asset based or collateral loan. We even have options if you want to sell us your valuables.

For new customers we offer interest free loan on your 1st month.

We sell direct to consumer. We can pay you more money because we eliminate the middle man. We don’t have to make money on every deal, but we do have to make a happy customer on every deal.

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