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Get your engagement ring today! GIA Certified Diamonds and Bridal sets at wholesale prices.
At Elite Fine Jewelers we have a wide selection of Engagement Rings, Bridal Sets and Wedding Bands, at wholesale prices or below. Our Diamonds are certified by GIA, EGL, or IGI.
Check out our GIA guides on judging diamond quality below.


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Our inventory includes new, vintage and estate pieces. The items on this page are a small sample of our extensive inventory of more than 8000 items from our Scottsdale location. See even more items at

We can also custom-design that one of a kind ring, that no one else has! We have several amazing photos of each piece of jewelry listed on this page.

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3 Carat Statement Engagement Ring
This stunning round diamond is set amidst by 36 smaller diamonds around the halo and down the shank crafted in 18 kt gold.
Retail Price: $45,00000
Stunning 0.88 Carat Pavé Engagement Ring
This glistening 0.88 carat round brilliant center diamond is mounted in a stunning pavé style setting with 44 round diamonds.
Retail Price: $13,50000
Solitaire Princess Cut Engagement Ring
This timeless solitaire style engagement ring is complete with a 0.90 carat princess cut certified diamond prong set in 14 karat white gold.
Retail Price: $9,45000
1.74 Halo Round Brilliant Diamond Engagement Ring
This dazzling 1.40 certified round brilliant diamond is surrounded by 48 diamonds along the halo and shank of the white gold setting ring.
Retail Price: $9,30000
Platinum 1.19 Ct Engagement Ring Surrounded by 50 Diamonds
This platinum engagement ring features a round GIA certified 1.19 carat diamond surrounded by 50 diamonds.
Retail Price: $22,50000
SOLD! Pear Shaped Diamond Surrounded by Round Brilliant Diamonds
This beautiful 0.82 carat pear shape diamond is mounted in a stunning cathedral setting surrounded by 26 diamonds in a white gold ring.
Retail Price: $7,50000
SOLD! Vintage Style Engagement Ring
This vintage platinum engagement ring is complete with 1.1 CTW in diamonds.
Retail Price: $15,00000
1.74 Halo Round Brilliant Diamond Engagement Ring
This dazzling 1.40 certified round brilliant diamond is surrounded by 48 diamonds along the halo and shank of the white gold setting ring.
Retail Price: $9,30000
18 Karat White Gold 1.23 Carat Semi-Mount Engagement Ring
This 18kt white gold semi-mount ring is complete with 268 diamonds, 1.23ct surrounding a center stone of your choice.
Retail Price: $4,65000
Halo Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring
This incredible yellow diamond is surrounded by 112 diamonds throughout the halo and double split shank.
Retail Price: $10,50000
Vintage Inspired 0.85 Carat Round Brilliant Engagement Ring
This charming vintage inspired engagement ring has a 0.85 round center diamond surrounded by 2 pear diamonds & 24 diamonds down the shank.
Retail Price: $6,60000
Diamond Cluster White Gold Engagement Ring
This beautiful prong set diamond cluster engagement ring has a total of 17 round brilliant diamonds finely crafted in 14kt white gold.
Retail Price: $75000
Round Brilliant Engagement Ring With Channel Set Diamonds
This beautiful round brilliant diamond is perfectly placed in a half bezel setting surrounded by 8 diamonds in a channel setting finely crafted in 14kt yellow gold.
Retail Price: $1,65000
14 Karat White Gold Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring
This beautiful round brilliant diamond makes a stunning solitaire engagement ring finely crafted in 14kt white gold.
Retail Price: $1,65000
Stunning 0.60 Round Brilliant Halo Engagement Ring
This beautiful halo 0.60 round brilliant engagement ring is surrounded by 50 round brilliant diamonds around the halo and shank.
Retail Price: $5,71500
Ladies Alexandrite Engagement Ring with Diamonds
This beautiful synthetic alexandrite gemstone is 1.65 carat ETW surrounded by 25 round brilliant diamonds. This is perfect as an engagement ring or fashion ring.
Retail Price: $1,95000

Our Process

Are you going to propose? Or do you both want to come in and select the ring of her dreams? Come in for a consultation with one of our GIA trained diamond experts today. At your consultation, we will go through the following steps:

  1. We will discuss your budget and the 4 C’s (color, cut, clarity, carat)
  2. We will show you a variety of options. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, we can custom design your engagement ring.
  3. We will make sure you get the perfect ring at wholesale price!

Call, email or stop by the store anytime for your one-on-one consultation. No appointment necessary.

Live out of state? No worries, we ship free anywhere in the US.

We feel you should not overpay for your first investment as a couple. Whether you’re ready to pop the question or want to upgrade your current stone or setting, we have the right selection for you.

Our GIA trained family will help you select the perfect diamond or precious stone, at an inexpensive cost.

How to Judge Diamond Quality

Thanks to our partnership with GIA, we have access to GIA approved material on diamond quality. Check out the following sliders and guides. They will help you determine your diamond’s quality based on several factors.

Diamond Anatomy

The best way to learn about diamond quality is to learn about diamond anatomy. You can better understand what makes a diamond special by learning the characteristics of a diamond. Use the chart below to learn more about the table, crown, girdle, culet, pavilion. You can also view the different shapes of a diamond.

Part of the 4C’s of a diamond includes color. Color grading describes how much color a diamond has. The grading sets on an a D-Z scale. D being Colorless and Z being Very Light. You can see the differences below.

Clarity ratings go from Flawless to Included. A flawless diamond has no blemishes or inclusions. Pinpoints, crystals, feathers, and clouds add flaws to a diamond. Learn the causes of each blemish in the interactive chart below. Click on the plus sign in the corners of each clarity description.

Cut often gets confused with shape. The cut of a diamond describes the setting of its facets. Think of them as tiny mirrors within the diamond. The facets catch light in different ways. The Cut Grading Scale goes from Excellent to Poor. View the different cut gradings in the slider below.

Carat describes how much a diamond weighs. One carat is 200 milligrams. The higher the carat, the heavier the diamond. The heavier the diamond, the greater the price. You can compare different carat weights with the sliders below.

There are many grading scales that determine the quality of a diamond. When judging a diamond’s quality, keep all of the 4C’s in mind. Each one changes the value of the diamond. Be sure to console the following GIA guide below when choosing a diamond.

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