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The 10 Best Luxury Handbag Brands to Invest In

Louis Vuitton designer handback held behind the back of a woman.

Move over diamonds! A handbag is truly a girl’s best friend. Luxury handbags combine fashion with utility.

Organization aside, a handbag holds all a woman needs. All women share a similar experience. You see a luxury handbag sitting in a shop window, pristine and in the color you adore.

You can picture yourself strolling down Ventura Boulevard with it on your shoulder. So you save and save for your new bag.

Only, which luxury handbag do you invest in?

We’ll help you make the best choice. The article will describe each brand and a particular handbag with high marks.

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The Best Luxury Handbag Brands

Here, we’ll go into more detail about some top purse brands and designers. We’ll also talk about their best handbag creations.

The top luxury handbag brands include: 

1. Céline


Established: 1945 by Céline Vipiana
Founded In: Paris, France

What began as a children’s shoe boutique quickly grew into an international luxury handbag manufacturer. These handbags are best known for their minimalist look.

They combine sporty with flirty. They offer a wide selection of different styles and sizes for any woman seeking indulgence.

The designs are meant to show a quiet elegance. Perfect for someone looking for luxury without standing out in a crowd. These features make Céline one of the best high end purse brands.


Notable Handbag: Nano Luggage Bag

celine nano luggage brown handbag

Photo Credit: Celine

Launched in 2009, the Nano Luggage combines comfort and luxury so you don’t have to sacrifice one for another. With a wide variety of colors and sizes, anyone can find their perfect match.


Price: Starting at $2700 on the Celine Shop

2. Chanel


Established: 1910 by Coco Chanel
Founded In: Paris, France

The name Coco Chanel will go down in history as one of the most famous fashion designers. From perfume to the little black dress, Chanel exudes luxury.

The brand has grown famous all around the world. It’s hard not to think about luxury handbags without thinking about Chanel.

Chanel handbags are known for their quilted look. They are another example of quiet elegance. Everyone recognizes the double C logo of Coco Chanel on any purse.


Notable Handbag: Chanel 2.25

black chanel 2.25 bag

Photo Credit: Chanel


Before the 1900’s, there were no shoulder purses for women. It’s hard to imagine life without the convenience of a shoulder-strap purse. Chanel’s design made it socially acceptable for women to carry a handbag on their shoulder. The 2.55 Flap Bag is the most iconic Chanel bag to date.

Coco Chanel had a purpose behind every detail of the bag. Certain designs were based on memories or ideals. The inside color, for instance, is the same color as the uniforms of the orphanage where Coco grew up. The lock on the bag is called the “Mademoiselle” Lock. This is in reference to Coco never marrying.

Price: This season’s style goes between $5,800 to $6,200 for leather, and $4,400 to $5,400 directly from Chanel’s site.

3. Christian Dior


Established: 1947 by Christian Dior
Founded In: Paris, France

Dior has become famous worldwide for clothing, perfume, and handbags. Dior’s fashion designs helped Paris recover after WWII. It reestablished Paris as the hub for joyful fashion designs and luxury. Christian Dior established the Dior House in Paris where he created his designs.

Dior was also one of the first fashion designers to license his brand. He wanted people to understand that the “Dior” look couldn’t be complete without all Dior products. Dior handbags carry luxury and utility. The patterns, lines, and styles stand out on any store floor.

Each bag is a meticulous work of art with a history behind them. Dior fashion is meant to bring out the personality of every woman. He wanted his handbags to go with any style at any time of day. That legacy continues on.

Dior remains a popular designer bag choice for those looking for a sophisticated, yet cute purse for any need.


Notable Handbag: Lady Dior

black dior lady dior bag

Photo Credit: Dior


The most famous Dior bag pays a touching tribute to the late Princess Diana of Wales. The bag was originally named Chouchou; a French pet name.

The bag was a gift to Princess Diana by Madame Bernadette Chirac in Paris. She wanted to give Princess Diana a unique handbag and chose one of Dior’s stunning pieces. It was renamed in honor of her passing in 1995. The Lady Dior is a rare find, making it a valuable investment.

The design is a symbol of couture elegance and refinement. It’s easy to carry with wide handles or a shoulder strap. It comes as a clutch, mini bag, medium bag, even wallets.

Price: Clutches from $1,400 to $1,800, Mini Bags from $3,400 to $5,600, and bags from $3,950 to $5,100 on the Dior site.

looking for unique items

4. Coach


Established: 1941 by Lillian and Miles Cahn; originally under the name Manhattan Leather Bags
Founded In: New York City

Ask anyone to list the best luxury handbag brands and they’ll include Coach. What they may not know is the original designs were based on baseball gloves.

The founder loved the durability of the materials and put them into handbag designs. Coach has come along way since those days. They are one of the most recognizable and purchased high-end purse brands in the world. They found their niche in affordable luxury handbags.

The designs are simple, clean, and lightweight. Coach bags come in all sizes and colors. There’s something for everyone in any Coach store.


Notable Handbag: The Saddle Bag

maroon coach saddle bag

Photo Credit: Coach


The bag has many pockets and compartments for storage. It’s sleek, elegant design catches the eye. The wide shoulder strap makes it easy to tote around to any event.

Yet, it doesn’t appear too bulky for every-day use. The high-quality leather resists wear and tear and protects your investment.

Price: Coach sells the newest edition of the Saddle Bag for $395



5. Gucci


Established: 1921 by Guccio Gucci
Founded In: Florence, Italy

Italian leather is known the world over for its durability and luxury. Guccio Gucci was inspired by his travels and all of the luggage designs he saw.

He returned to Florence and joined his father’s leather making business. In 1921 he opened his first shop. His original handbag designs were based on horse saddles.

This idea inspires the bamboo handle on classic Gucci bags. Gucci bags are both luxurious and dependable.

Their sturdy leather and excellent craftsmanship make the bags last year to year. Their unique designs are complemented with the Gucci brand logo. Gucci still stands out today as one of the best luxury handbag brands.


Notable Handbag: Bamboo Bag

black gucci bamboo padlock bag

Photo Credit: Gucci


For anyone looking for the classic Gucci look, the Bamboo Bag is the ideal handbag. Stylish and comfortable, this handbag works for any woman.

The bamboo handle reflects the material shortage in WWII. Guccio Gucci got creative with his materials. He used bamboo in place of metal or leather for a handle. Thus, a Gucci icon was born.

Price: The newest bamboo bag sells for $2,490 to $2,900 depending on the material on Gucci’s site.

handbag appraisal

6. J. W. Anderson


Established: 2008 by Jonathan Anderson
Founded In: London, England

For ten years, J. W. Anderson’s designs showcase a modern look on femininity. The brand combines traits from menswear and womenswear.

This created a unique look and an almost cult following. The handbags are no different. Each are designed with a unique look fitting for both women and men’s styles. The brand is always innovating and always thinking beyond the traditional scope of fashion.

These luxury handbags are ideal for anyone looking for something different.


Notable Handbag: Pierce Bag

jw anderson pierce bag black

Photo Credit: J. W. Anderson


Eye-catching and elegant, this bag has been drawing attention since it’s 2017 debut. The septum piercing in the center of the bag gives an edge to a classy look.

The Pierce Bag comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Yet, the bag retains its utility with an adjustable shoulder strap and spacious interior.

Price: Spotted Fashion lists the Pierce Bag between $1,480 and $2,730

7. Louis Vuitton


Established: 1854 by Louis Vuitton Malletier
Founded in: Paris, France

Louis Vuitton originally manufactured luggage. Specifically, they created easily stackable luggage with “unpickable” locks.

Their first handbag made its debut in 1930. They created an LV Monogram Canvas specifically for their products.

This monogram still stands out today as unique to the brand. The monogram alone makes any handbag stand out.

Each handbag sports the monogram in its design.


Notable Handbag: The Speedy

louis vuitton speedy 30 monogram bag

Photo Credit:


Originally designed in 1930, this bag helped begin the trend of combining utility with fashion. The bag comes in four sizes to suit different needs: 25, 30, 35, and 40 centimeters lengthwise.

The 25 Speedy was first commissioned by Audry Hepburn. The bag’s various sizes make it versatile for any woman’s needs. The durable leather holds its shape and will last for years.

Price: Directly from Louis Vuitton, the Speedy 25 goes for $1050, the 30 for $1,070, the 35 for $1,090, and the 40 for $1,110.

8. Prada

Established: 1913 by Mario Prada; Miuccia Prada established the brand we know in 1978
Founded in: Milan, Italy

Prada remains one of the most popular luxury handbag brands. Similar to Gucci, Prada began as an elite luggage company. Miuccia began redesigning the company when she took over. She wanted to give her family’s company the update it needed.

In 1985 Prada revealed their new line of black, nylon handbags. Unlike other designs, the logo was not as prominent. The subtlety gave the handbags a popular look. Prada isn’t afraid to try new styles.

Their affordable designs make them a popular choice for women all over the world. It has become a brand made by women for women.


Notable Handbag: Galleria Bag

prada white galleria bag

Photo Credit: Prada

The bag is also known as the Saffiano Lux bag because of the leather it is made from. That leather was originally patented by Mario Prada.

The bag comes with a double zipper compartment. The leather resists scratches and water. It’s an ideal companion for a woman on the go. The Galleria bag comes in many sizes and colors.

Price: The prices on the Prada site range from $2490 to $2850 depending on size.


9. Saint Laurent


Established: 1966 by Yves Saint Laurent
Founded In: Paris, France

Yves actually tutored under Christian Dior until 1960 when he was drafted into a war. When he returned, his job was gone.

Yves successfully sued for a breach of contract. He used the money to start his own fashion company in Paris.

His designs were new and fresh, something the world wanted in that time. The brand continues to present new thoughts and designs into the fashion industry.

It is unafraid to try new, extreme things. Their handbags are both fashionable and have high utility. Their luxury has a modern edge.


Notable Handbag: Sac De Jour

red saint laurent sac de jour

Photo Credi: Saint Laurent


This classic purse has a sleek, square shape that boasts quiet elegance. It comes in a few sizes and different materials. All of these choices make the bag easy to customize. It has a lot of space and compartments for storage.

The bag features metal legs to keep the bottom from wearing out on hard surfaces.

Price: Saint Laurent sells the newest Sac De Jour from €1,490 to €2,450 ($1660-$2730) depending on size and material.


10. Valentino

Established: 1952 by Mario Valentino
Founded in: Naples, Italy


Mario Valentino was a skilled leather maker in Naples. He became famous worldwide for his luxury shoes. Many celebrities, including Jacqueline Kennedy, had custom shoes made by Valentino. This same level of craftsmanship went into handbags.

Valentino designed stunning purses that were both elegant and durable. Every bag is handmade in Italy by master artisans. Each artisan is specially trained in only two ways of crafting. This makes their creations perfect. (Note: Don’t confuse Mario Valentino for Valentino Garavani).

Valentino bags continue to stand out as one of the best luxury handbag brands.


Notable Handbag: Signature Valentino Bag

olvie valentino signature

Photo Credit: Valentino


It comes in a variety of colors and sizes. The value comes in knowing each bag was handmade with the finest leather.

It’s a great shoulder bag for women wanting a practical yet elegant purse.

Price: The Fall 2019 Signature Bag goes from $745 to $995 on the Valentino site.

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As time goes on, the value of these luxury handbag brands goes up. The designers create new bags to add to their line.

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